Supreme Cream Ampoule    

#Liquid_cream_with_fast_effect #Highly_concentrated_moisturizing_ampoule #Natural_Beauty #Ampoule_and_cream_in_one 

When dry skin needs high-speed moisturizing charging, a liquid cream with quick effect. 20% stabilization of botanical oil with 3-step highly concentrated milk formula. The effect of the cream is absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue.
Moist and shiny skin that is completed with just one without needing to apply anything else. Derma barrier care that thinks deep into the skin with the high content oil and SECOLJI Complex that reproduces the skin barrier. ISO 16128 96.89% botanical formula for skin safety and clean care. 

CCB-H    CCB-S+    Vegan    EWG Green    Hwahae    PEG Free    Silicone Free