Hydra Infusion Blue Oil      

#Highpressure_Emulsify #Blue_Emulsion # Extreme_Moisturizing 

Blue oil combining high-pressure emulsification and micro-gel structure. By applying high-pressure emulsification technology to an emulsified oil formulation, it is light and quickly absorbed without a stuffy or oily feeling even when using high content (about 30%) oil, giving a refreshing feeling of moisture.
Mild formula that takes care of the skin from the outside and insid. EWG green, vegan possible, mild prescription. Containing high content of sunflower seed oil, which helps to make skin healthy by supplying moisture to dry skin, and vegetable oil that is light and sure to moisturize, care for the skin. 

CCB-H       CCB-S       Vegan       EWG Green       Hwahae       PEG Free