Jewelight Eyes        

#Like_a_Jewel #Sparkling #Not_Stuffy #Transparent #Light_Texture 

Glitter shadow that shines as transparently as a jewel and adheres neatly. Except for the plate-shaped powder, the crab-shaped powder with a unique structure is mainly applied. So that the pearl is transparent without being stuffy.A combination of ester oils of different viscosities provides a thin, smooth adhesion and a non-sticky finish. Enhanced glitter shadow to meet global regulations
5 Free (talc-free, silicone-free, microplastic-free, PEG-free, D5-free) and RSPO-certified ingredients are used to design prescriptions to meet global regulations. 

CCB-H                 CCB-S+                 Vegan                 PEG Free

D5 Free            Silicone Free            Talc Free            Micro Plastics Free            RSPO