Clear Clean Finish Powder       

#Greenpowder #Mild_Finishing #Skin_Calming 

Real clean! It’s not just green color. It’s real green powder. EWG Green, exclusion of harmful ingredients, vegan formulation! PEG, talc, micro-plastics, silicone Free!
Skin-friendly loose powder that only removes unnecessary oil. Dramatic Mattify is No! A good finish powder that reduces the burden on the skin by selectively removing only excess oil.
Apply allantoin and Madeca Complex to the skin care effect with +α! Finish powder containing 3,000ppm of allantoin to help skin care.The soothing finish touch of Madeca Complex is a bonus! 

 CCB-H                 CCB-S+                 Vegan                 EWG Green

 Hwahae            PEG Free            Silicone Free            Talc Free            Micro Plastics Free