AI DERM Foundation Cover SPF38, PA++    

#Dermo Care #Moisturizing #Caliming #Soft_ Texture 

Soft texture and cover-fit by moisturizing.  Moisturizing Macro Emulsion System moisturizes and spreads smoothly as you apply it, adhering to the skin lightly and comfortably.
Step 4 Dermo Care System for moisturizing and soothing. Moisturizing and soothing at the same time to restore damaged, dry and sensitive skin!
Apply a large amount of moisturizer ingredients and optimal materials that satisfy moisturizing and calming at the same time. Complete Dermo Care System by applying 1000ppm of TECA ingredients specialized in regenerating and healing skin tissue. 

Vegan            EWG Green            Hwahae            PEG Free            D5 Free