Cookie & Cream Clay Mask 

#Color_Change #Soft_Mud_Pack #Clear_Skin_Texture 

Unique texture like whipped cream! The visual reminiscent of whipped cream is impressive, and the soft-feeling whipped cream pack is an it item that keeps on coming.
A non-matte, moist clay pack while drying with a combination of high-content polyol and hectorite.
Whipped cream for mild dead skin and sebum care -It can be easily applied to the face like soft whipped cream,12% clay ingredient absorbs waste and -sebum to care for pores. Color change clay pack with encapsulated charcoal. When the charcoal capsule is rolled after applying the pack, the charcoal component bursts out and absorbs sebum along with the clay component. So It Helps improve pores and dead skin cells. 

Vegan            Hwahae            PEG Free            D5 Free            Silicone Free