Satin Wear Mesh Pact SPF40 PA++ 

#New_Trend_Of_Mesh #Satin #Layering_Cover #Soft_Glow 

No more messy mesh pact! The existing mesh type pact has a chronic problem of oil forming on the mesh net, making it hard to use and damaging the aesthetics. One of the reasons why customers hesitate to develop mesh compact. By suppressing oil spills, oil leakage is greatly improved and the patent application for containers is completed.
Luxury skin like satin on your face. Glossy effect of stacking it in layers like a soft satin and your skin looks like you put on foundation. It doesn't get clumpy because of setting powder, and the more you layer it, the more natural coverage it can be. 

Xfine™            Vegan            D5 Free            Physical Sunscreen           Reefsafe