Hyper Tone Brightening Toner 

#Tone-up_Biome_1000ppm #Transparent_Complexion #Toning_Creamskin_With_ Melted_Cream 

COSMAX's tone-up biome (1000ppm) and Hyal-Glucan are applied to obtain a powerful brightening effect and a clean, clear, and vibrant skin tone with a total skin care solution.
As light as a toner; as moisturizing as a cream!
An all-in-one creamy toner that combines only the advantages of cream and skin toner.
By utilizing the nano-emulsion technique, the substance's particles are broken down to maximize the skin's absorption of the active ingredients. 

CCB-H    CCB-S    Vegan    EWG Green    Hwahae    PEG Free    D5 Free