Hyper Enriched Anti-Aging Cream 

#Anti-aging_Biome_ 10,000ppm #Nutrition_Full_Cream #Skin_Glow_Continuation #Elastic_Texture 

COSMAX's exclusive anti-aging biome (10,000ppm) and Hyal-Glucan are applied to enhance the skin's fundamental nutritional functions such as anti-aging, elasticity, lipid, and barrier.
Double rejuvenating with nourishing nutrients that will restore the revitalizing youth and enriched moisture that will leave the skin surface firmer and moisturized from within.
Maximized skin adherence with an optimized ratio of plant-derived waxes and oils, creating glowing and supple skin deeply moisturized from within. 

CCB-S+    Vegan    EWG Green   Hwahae   PEG Free    D5 Free   RSPO