Hyper Moisturizing Cream 

#Moisture_Biome_10,000ppm  #Hydration_Concentration_Cream #Non-sticky #Comfortable #Moisturizing_Synergy 

COSMAX's exclusive moisture biome (10,000ppm) and Hyal-Glucan are applied to intensively restore the moisture imbalance of dry-damaged skin.
Can be used regardless of the season with moisturizing texture
that has no heavy or thick feeling. Perfectly adheres to the skin! Moisturizing layer that is easy on skin.
Retains moisture by instantly replenishing moisture and by creating a thin oil barrier. Moisturizing S.O.S. formula that will nourish rough skin even in extreme conditions of prolonged use of a face mask. 

CCB-S       Vegan       EWG Green      Hwahae      PEG Free       D5 Free