Hyper Tone Brightening Cream  

#Tone-up_Biome_ 10,000ppm #Skin_Illumination #Skin_ Toning_Cream 

COSMAX's tone-up biome (10,000ppm) and Hyal-Glucan are applied to obtain a powerful brightening effect and a clean, clear, and vibrant skin tone with a total skin care solution.
A new combination of a natural amino acid surfactant and a wax with a high melting point creates the texture of whipped cream. A moist texture with an elastic and silky finish.
The application of 450,000ppm of white rose flower extract has a vitalizing effect, and a high concentration of blurring powder immediately enhances skin vitality. 

CCB-S                 Vegan                 Hwahae                 PEG Free