Cozy Mood Layer Shadow 

#3_Color_Dongta #One_Touch_Layering #Makeup_Thinking_End #Soft&Silky #Natural_Color #Layering_Optimization 

As if the afternoon sun were illuminating the amber blossoms!
A three-color eyeshadow that layers three tone-on-tone hues with a warm and vibrant mood, allowing one to effortlessly achieve a sensual look by applying them sequentially.
(Silky Matte) A powder mixture that is applied thinly and evenly, blends easily, and has a silky and lightweight base texture.
(Glitter Matte) Excellent adhesion through the proper blending of coating raw materials and spherical powder and the application of low-viscosity oil, which creates subtle glittering eyes. 

 Vegan                           PEG Free